Phyllis Dobbins Adams

I enjoy painting all kinds of subjects; recently I have been working on a series of sailboat and egrets. When beginning my paintings I start with some idea of what the work will look like but it changes quite a bit from what was first in my mind’s eye. This is the fun part of painting because it is so unpredictable. I think of my work as whimsical realism with a dash of abstraction.

Inspiration for my paintings can come from anywhere; sometimes it’s the way the light plays on a subject or an interesting juxtaposition of shapes and colors. My purpose, joy and sometimes frustration when painting is to capture what initially inspired me to paint the subject. Much of my work is about color and my interpretation of the local color. To me color is a two edged sword, it is at times a struggle but when I think I have hit the right color notes in a painting it can also be a great joy. It is a continuing sense of wonderment and delight when it all comes together and a painting emerges.


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