Renee Gagnon

Rene graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design with a degree in Illustration. Illustration seemed to be a more marketable degree at the time but Rene soon realized his passion for fine art would take him away from the illustration world rather quickly. After college he worked on only a few freelance illustration jobs before he stopped working for clients and began his journey as a fine artist.

Rene had always been considered a creative individual. His first real devotion to the arts revealed itself during the mid-eighties when his thirst for creation exploded after seeing graffiti art emanate from the streets of New York City. The enormity of the works and the care free expression of color fueled his desire to follow in the footsteps of a graffiti artist. Over three decades later, back where he began, he is producing works with a spray paint and a renewed passion for mark making.

By infusing his mastery of urban techniques, a matured eye, and years of exploring diverse media, Rene creates bold works with a dramatic sense of color and movement. One thing is clear, Rene is an artist consumed with the process of making art. His interpretations of landscapes, hollywood actresses, and abstract compositions all exhibit his mastery in producing art and his passion for pushing the boundaries of his creative process.

Rene currently works out of his studio in Dartmouth, MA, and has exhibited his work worldwide on city walls, and in museums and galleries. He has had recent solo shows in New York City, and Los Angeles. His work is also featured in several well known urban art genre publications.

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