Jim Hester

For fifty years, I have cultivated my photographer’s eye, led by an intuition that a picture is waiting to be found and taken. I have learned to heed that quiet voice that says, ‘Stop! Look! Find that gem hiding right in front of you.’ Often unusual light triggers this response, but It can also come from strong compositions, or the presence of an individual. I shoot broad landscapes and small details; vivid colors and shades of black and white; my familiar home turf and new far-away lands. I try to capture the moment directly and do a minimum of digital manipulation. In the past, I have taken pictures for my own satisfaction, occasionally giving one as a gift to a friend or relative. Recently, I have learned that displaying my work in public brings the creative process to more complete closure.

During the 32 years that my family and I have been coming to Westport, this community has provided a rich, diverse set of opportunities for photographs. Please enjoy the samples of my work shared here and on my website (https://jimhestervt.com/ ). I welcome your comments on what moves you.