I Love to Paint

It’s a mental challenge – to try to capture what sparks your attention – whether it be the light hitting the water along a shoreline at different times of day, changes in weather, changes in color and season – or as simple as a butterfly sitting on a blossom in the dappled light of your own backyard.


Growing up in New England is a wonderful thing. We’re close to shorelines, mountains and farmland and cities with their own character and flavor.

Painting, and art in general, makes you take it all in, to see the details of this beauty around us everyday.

These images stick in your head, like an old song, until you pick up that brush and get it on the canvas. Some days you’re in tune and humming along – other days you may be a bit off key.

But then there are those shining moments - when your brushes fly along and create a solo, a symphony, something that just comes out, as if you’re the instrument rather than the conductor.

And when it works, it’s magic. And when other people recognize that magic in your work, that’s pure heaven. And that’s why I paint.

- Dianne Wilkins Burns 8/2019


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